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Seawater and Marine Concrete Seminar

8:45, all day
UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Agora Room, Building B3 Campus Nord-UPC
Evento coordinado por Dra. Miren Etxeberria, miembro del Grupo de Investigación ATEM (Análisis y Tecnología de Estructural y Materiales) de la Escuela de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de Barcelona.

Free Seminar in Barcelona, October 18th, in collaboration with JCI Japan Concrete Institute

The sustainability of marine concrete structures should be focused in two main aspects:
Firstly, the sustainable use of natural resources in their production, probably one of the major challenges of our current society; secondly, the durability of built structures, achieving their design service life.

Nowadays the construction sector is responsible for 16% of the global consumption of water, that is why any action taken to minimize the use of resources will have a direct environmental impact of the construction industry. Employment of seawater for concrete production will cover the water resource management as well as improving energy saving and transport.

The second aspect, but not less relevant, is how to design durable concrete structures for marine environment. Corrosion damage is one of the highest risk damage suffered by reinforced concretes because of the chloride ions present in environment or concrete mix. In order to control this damage, besides the efficient design and construction of the structures, adequate concrete mixing design as well as the use of appropriate type of reinforced bars or fibres is necessary. 
The main objective of this “Seawater and marine concrete” SEMINAR is focused on increasing our knowledge and discuss about:

– the influence of employment of seawater on the properties of concrete production

– Real scale cases of concrete elements produced employing seawater and secondary aggregates

– the analysis of corrosion risk reduction of reinforced concretes by using:

  • Different types of cements
  • Inhibitors or chemical admixtures
  • Different types of reinforced bars and fibres

– Analysis of the deterioration state of several real structure located in Barcelona region.

-Design and Construction of real durable concrete structures for marine environment.

Seminar entirely in English