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The profession

The "Enginyer Tècnic d'Obres Públiques" (Civil Engineer) is a university profession  (higher education - bachelor's degree) and it is regulated by law. 

The "Enginyer Tècnic d'Obres Públiques" is a professional with a wide and diverse working area in the context of civil engineering and public works. Its activity is aimed at the design, implementation and maintenance of all types of civil works and also to urban planning and land use. Have full authority within their respective specialties: Civil Constructions, Hydrology and Urban Transport and Services. 

Its powers, according to Law 12/1986 amended by Law 33/1992, make them comparable to the European concept of specialized Civil Engineer. 

The academic qualification authorizes the exercise of the profession, which is integrated into the social fabric through the business world, the public administration national, regional and local levels,  teaching and practice of the profession as an independent.  

The professional practice takes place mainly in the following fields:

Structures, Land Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Traffic, Mobility and Transport, Roads and Railways, Urban and Territory planning, Urban services, Maritime and Ports Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety, Quality Control, Research and teaching.

The Association ensures that its members are university graduates, and defends the profession and the society in general.